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Founded in 1997, Search Engine Watch is one of the world’s longest-running search industry resources and is a sister publication to ClickZ.

We help our community of over three million senior marketers navigate the dynamic search scape and derive business value from search marketing disciplines. With a content suite spanning across case studies, influencer commentaries, podcasts, webinars, and events, we liaison with market leaders to share insights and practical applications of SEO, search experience, and search marketing that informs brand strategies.

Search Engine Watch hails a legacy of search industry expertise and has been called “a must-read” by Google’s Matt Cutts and the “most authoritative source on search by Yahoo’s Tim Mayer.

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We are always looking to have interesting discussions with the community. Feel free to reach out directly if you have any ideas, comments, feedback, or business inquiry.

Natasha Prayag

Head of Content

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Kamaljeet Kalsi

Commissioning & Production Editor, ClickZ & Search Engine Watch

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Search Engine Watch is part of the Contentive Media Group and is backed by the UK’s largest venture builder Blenheim Chalcot.

Our sister site, ClickZ, is one of the largest digital marketing communities covering strategies, insights, and analysis covering in the marketing space.

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The Contact SEW page lists everyone on the SEW staff.

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Our editors are happy to answer questions from the press regarding search engines and the search industry in general. Contact SEW.

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